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SMAMZ Foncé Black Buttoned Abaya

SMAMZ Foncé Black Buttoned Abaya

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SMAMZ Foncé Black Buttoned Abaya melds classic allure with a dash of modernity,
making it a must-have in your wardrobe. Made from luxurious black fabric, the abaya
features a sleek, flowing silhouette that exudes grace and elegance.

What sets this abaya apart are the intricate silver accents along the sleeves, beautifully
catching the light and adding a hint of sparkle. The front of the abaya is kept simple with
discreet buttons, ensuring a polished and uninterrupted flow of the fabric. The light grey
hijab adds a subtle contrast, enhancing the overall poise of the outfit.

We made sure that SMAMZ Foncé Black Buttoned Abaya becomes your next go-to choice
for a look that’s both captivating and comfortable


- v neck
- ⁠button all the way at the Front
- ⁠bead work on sleeves
- ⁠hijab included

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