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What is an Abaya?

Abaya is a timeless garment that's been through more style changes than a celebrity on the red carpet! Originally just a practical cover-up to beat the desert heat, it's now a symbol of modesty and Muslim identity, with a fashion-forward twist. 

From its basic beginnings, the abaya has morphed into a kaleidoscope of colors and designs. Initially, in ancient times, Muslim women wore the abaya to cover themselves, and this piece of cloth helped them cover all curves from head to feet. But now, the abaya is no longer confined to classic black; it's all about expressing yourself in every shade of the rainbow. 

But it's not just about looking good, it's about feeling connected. When you slip on an abaya, it's like wearing your heritage with pride, embracing your roots while staying chic and classy. 

Each abaya that a hijabi wears tells a story, reflecting the individuality and culture of its wearer. Whether you're rocking a traditional style or pushing boundaries with something more contemporary, it's all about celebrating your unique taste in modest fashion. 

Why Abaya is Important for a Modest Hijabee?  

Consider the innocent abaya as a protective shield or as the superhero cape of Islamic fashion, swooping in to protect and empower the wonderful women. 

It is not hidden that Islam, as a religion, prioritises women and their well-being. In Islam, respecting yourself and your body is a top priority, and the abaya is like your trusty sidekick in achieving that. 

The abaya isn't just a religious garment; it's a cultural icon too. Across different nations and communities, it's a symbol of tradition, history, and values. Before we spill the tea on the abaya and its various fashion tendencies, we want to make it clear that wearing the abaya in 2024 is not about being forced into anything.  

It's all about choice and empowerment. For many women, slipping into their abaya is a statement of independence, a way to take control of their bodies and move through the world with confidence. 

How to Style an Abaya like A Pro? 

Now that you have understood what an abaya is, here are some handy tips to rock your abaya game like a pro in 2024: 

  1. Comfort First 

Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned abaya hijabee, we know that your comfort is your key demand. Opt for a design and fabric that feels like a dream to wear. You can also aim for a length that grazes just below your ankles, not too long, not too short, just right! 

  1. Sleeve Savvy 

Pay attention to those sleeves! Make sure they're the perfect length, hitting just at your wrists for that polished look. No one wants sleeves that drag or get in the way of your daily hustle. 

  1. Dress for the Occasion 

From casual strolls to special events, there's an abaya for every occasion. Keep it chill with understated designs for everyday wear, and amp up the glam with embellishments and embroidery for those fancy affairs. 

  1. Back to Black 

When in doubt, go black! It's a timeless choice that never goes out of style. Plus, black abayas come in a plethora of designs, so you'll always find one that suits your vibe. 

  1. Details Matter 

Embroidery or laces can elevate your abaya game from basic to breathtaking. Look for intricate tailoring and finer details to add that extra oomph to your look. 

  1. Fit is Key 

Say goodbye to baggy or overly tight abayas, as 2024 is all about finding that perfect fit. Avoid drowning in fabric or feeling constricted by opting for a style that skims your figure just right. And do you know, you can always go for belted abayas that highlight your waist! 

  1. Stay Stylish 

Start with stylish abaya options for every season and occasion. Whether it's a flowy open style or a cozy zip-up for winter, there's something out there to suit your vibe and keep you looking fabulously chic. 


How to Care for an Abaya? 

Now, after understanding everything, you might be wondering how you'll care for something you'll be opting to wear for most of your week. But don't worry, SMAMZ has also taken care of this with these simple tips! 

  1. A Date with the Care Label 

Before you dive into washing your abaya, take it out on a little date and get to know its care label intimately. It’s not just a tag but it’s a roadmap to keeping your abaya dazzling. Each label has its own tale, often featuring thrilling plots like "Dry Clean Only" or the classic "Hand Wash with Care." 

  1. Chill Out, It’s Bath Time! 

When it’s time to wash your abaya, think of it as giving it a spa day, cold water only. Just like some of us prefer a cold shower to wake up, your abaya finds it quite refreshing, and it helps keep the drama (shrinkage and fading) to a minimum. 


  1. The Ten-Minute Tickle 

Never let your abaya soak for more than ten minutes. It’s a bit of a diva and doesn’t like long baths. Think of this as preventing your abaya from turning into a prune. Quick dips only to keep things crisp! 


  1. The Detergent Whisperer 

Use a mild detergent and only a whisper of it. Your abaya doesn’t need a bubble bath, just a gentle cleanse to maintain its sparkle. 


  1. Spot Scrub, Not Scrub Squad 

Only target the areas that need attention. If you scrub like you’re trying to erase a bad memory, you might end up with a sad, frayed abaya. Treat stains like gentle puzzles, requiring finesse not force. 


  1. Your Abaya Embroidery Needs Empathy 

Avoid rubbing embroidered areas as if you’re scratching a lottery ticket. Those embellishments are more sensitive than a gourmet chef’s ego. A gentle pat-pat here and there is all it takes. 


  1. Air-Dry is Your Abaya’s Bestie 

After the wash, let your abaya air-dry. Tossing it in the dryer is like sending a cashmere sweater through a roller coaster, thrilling but disastrous. 


Where to buy the Best Abaya for Summers in 2024? 

For summer 2024, finding the perfect abaya can be a blend of comfort, style, and breathability. Consider shopping at renowned retailers that specialize in Islamic fashion. Online platforms like SMAMZ offer a wide range of lightweight and stylish abayas ideal for warmer weather.  

Additionally, local boutiques in your area that specialize in Islamic clothing might have unique and high-quality options. Always look for abayas made from natural fibers like cotton and linen, as they are more breathable and suitable for summer temperatures. 



  1. What are the different styles of abayas available? 

 Abayas vary widely in style and design, including the classic black cloaks known for their simplicity and modesty, as well as modern versions that feature embellishments, embroidery, and varied cuts.  

While traditionalists may prefer the understated black abaya, modern fashionistas can choose from a spectrum of colors, styles, and materials that reflect their personal style while maintaining modesty. 


  1. Can abayas be worn for formal occasions? 


Absolutely, abayas are incredibly versatile and can be elegantly designed for formal events. They can be adorned with sophisticated embroidery, sequins, or lace, making them suitable for weddings, parties, and special events where a touch of elegance is required. 


  1. How do modern abayas incorporate contemporary fashion trends? 


Modern abayas blend traditional elements with contemporary fashion influences. Fashion designers frequently experiment with various fabrics, cuts, and embellishments to make stylish abayas that resonate with the younger generation, keeping tradition alive while embracing modern trends. 


  1. Are there specific colors associated with abayas? 


While the traditional color for abayas is black, they are now available in a wide array of colors, including neutrals, pastels, and vibrant hues. This expansion in color choice allows women to express their individuality while adhering to the principles of modesty. 


  1. Are abayas tailored to fit different body sizes? 


Yes, abayas are designed to accommodate various body shapes and sizes. They come in multiple sizes and styles, and custom-tailored abayas are also popular to ensure a perfect fit for every wearer. 


  1. Can abayas be paired with other traditional wear? 


Yes, abayas can be seamlessly worn over other traditional dresses and clothing, particularly during religious or cultural events. The abaya serves as an additional layer of modesty and complements a wide range of Islamic dress styles. 



The abaya is deeply rooted in Islamic culture and history, representing more than just an article of clothing. It embodies modesty, cultural identity, and a commitment to the principles of Islam.  

Over time, the abaya has evolved, absorbing cultural and modern fashion influences yet maintaining its fundamental significance. For Muslim women, wearing an abaya is a meaningful expression of our faith, tradition, and personal choice. 

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