Best hijab-wearing tutorial in 9 steps for the gorgeous looks:

Best hijab-wearing tutorial in 9 steps for the gorgeous looks:

Hijab Tutorial

Are you looking for ideas on how to wear a hijab elegantly? Or just scrolling on the internet to find a simple hijab tutorial? Or perhaps you want some professional tips to style your hijab for an awesome look?

Today we are going to discuss the best hijab-wearing tutorial in 9 steps for the gorgeous looks of modest women in the UK. Well, we can understand that Hijab fashion is at its peak nowadays. Important questions of such types are almost on every girl’s mind. So, we have decided to answer all your questions and help you in this regard.

Modern Islamic clothing hijab is commonly known as the veil or headscarf. It is often worn by Muslim women. The word Hijab arrived from an Arabic word that means to hide something from being viewed. The hijab not only has a significant role in Islam but it has been famous in western countries as well. There are several ways to style the hijab and add a finishing touch to the face. It can be styled in a variety of ways according to the choice of an individual.
In western countries, the hijab is styled in lovely unique ways. These styles include a plaited scarf, twisted scarves, and knotted scarves made up of fancy fabric. Accessories are also being used on top of the hijab which multiplies the beauty of the headscarf. It can be easily styled with headbands, pins, stylish clips, mange tikkas, and even laces. A colorfully printed hijab with a simple outfit can make you look classy. Hijab along with jeans has become a viral trend these days due to their chic looks. There is a decent collection of hijabs. Buy Islamic wear online at SMAMZ is a modest clothing brand from the UK. You can buy all sorts of modest clothing at any time and anywhere within the UK, USA and Canada.
Many girls wear hijab to add grace to their personality but choosing the modest dressing and the right hijab style can be a little bit tricky as well. It is very important to style the hijab in such a way that suits your face shape. The oval-faced shape is considered the best one to style your hijab. The next thing is to consider your chin while styling the hijab. You must know your face type. If you think that your forehead is wider than the chin, then, try to balance the width of your forehead with the space around your neck and chest. Try wearing embellished scarves with ruffles. Style your hijab by having a draping at the front that softens the look of a pointed chin.
⦁ Drape a long rectangular scarf around your head and pin up both sides of the scarf under your chin.

⦁ Flip the inner side of your scarf from the left side having beads.

SMAMZ - Hijab Tutorial step 1

⦁ Flip that inner side having beads behind your head.

SMAMZ - Hijab Tutorial step 2

⦁ Pin up that flipped side on the right side of your head.

SMAMZ - Hijab Tutorial step 3

⦁ Flip the left side of your scarf from under your chin and take it to your right side.

SMAMZ - Hijab Tutorial step 2

⦁ Wrap the left side of your scarf around your head.

SMAMZ - Hijab Tutorial step 5

⦁ Now pin it up on the left side of your head.

SMAMZ - Hijab Tutorial step 6

⦁ Flip the right side of your scarf from under your chin to your left side.

SMAMZ - Hijab Tutorial step 7

⦁ Pin up the corner of your scarf behind your head.

SMAMZ - Hijab Tutorial step 8

Congratulations! Your lovely hijab look is ready!!!!!!!!!!

SMAMZ - Hijab Tutorial step 9

There are various ways of styling hijabs but the way mentioned above is very easy and trendiest nowadays. Make sure to style your Hijab according to the face shape. For example, choose a Kuwaiti style of Hijab if your face chin has a square shape. You can opt for the Turkish style of hijab if you have a round shape. You can also wear Hijab caps to reduce your elongated look.
More than anything else, it is very important to be aware of the significance of a hijab in the Muslim community. You need to know the actual reason behind wearing a hijab in order to give the utmost respect. Once this option is focused, you can go on and learn how to wear the hijab the way you want to wear it.
Here is the link to the video tutorial:

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