Best Abaya Dresses in UK

Best Abaya Dresses in UK

Modern Islamic clothing is now in trend in many regions of the world. However, in the UK specifically, Muslim women love to style their day-to-day clothing. This is where Abaya dresses come; they are similar to a regular abaya but much more stylish and elegant.

The popularity of Abaya dresses started when more and more people came to know about Muslim clothing and how Muslim women styled their abaya dresses with frills, colors and ruffles. If you are new to this sphere and want to know what exactly abaya dresses are and why are they trending? Then stick with us till the end, and we will elaborate on the most stylish abaya dresses in 2022.


Best Abaya Dresses in UK

The great thing about abaya dresses is that they provide coverage and let you look modest and stylish. Here are some of the picks for the best abaya dresses in the UK and how you can stand out by styling them. All of these abaya dresses are available in the UK markets and you can also get them online.

·         A-Line Abaya Dresses

The A-line style comes under the category of a traditional loose and flowy abaya dress. It flares out from the chest area down to the hem area. This abaya dress is always longer at the back, with a flowing tail-like design and an A-like shape. They come in every size and almost in all colours, and you can always style them with a lovely double-layer hijab for your everyday look.

The A-line abaya dress also includes a v-neckline to give it a more composed design paired with long loose sleeves to offer ease and flexibility. You can always add a belt or a sash to elevate its design.

·         Cape Style Abaya Dresses

Cape style abaya dress is one of the most popular and beloved abaya dress styles among Muslim women. It is a versatile addition to modern Islamic clothing. This abaya dress lets your arm move freely in a beautiful manner. Many women prefer embroidered patterns with their cape abaya dresses to enhance their style and add a front with a defined collar. 

The special thing about this type of abaya dress is it makes its wearer feel confident and powerful. And there is always plenty of room to accessories it with a trendy handbag or shoes.

·         Ruffled Abaya Dresses

If you are unfamiliar with a ruffled abaya dress, it has some of the most basic cuts but with many details and a safe way to spice up your everyday look. They make you look more classy and feminine; you can style the ruffles on the abaya dress according to your preferences. This means there is plenty of room to be creative with this abaya dress.

There are two ways in which you can style a ruffle abaya dress. First, you can choose the ruffles to be on the sleeves, or you can add them on the bottom. The second way is to have multiple layers of ruffle at different parts of the abaya dress to give it a more festive look.


·         Silk Abaya Dresses

Silk abaya dresses are making waves everywhere, all thanks to the premium feel that they offer. Silk abaya dresses are not so new in modern Islamic clothing; however, with the latest style and addition, they can be seen as a must-have for every hijabee.

 A silk abaya dress is fundamental; however, the silk fabric makes it more appealing and stylish. You can always add subtle glam to your silk abaya dress by wearing block heels and belts.


Bottom Line

We hope our guide has helped in choosing your next abaya dress in UK. You can also checkout our previous blog on the best hijab and abaya styles. One thing to keep in mind is to avoid over styling your abaya dress as it can make your appearance confusing and out of style.

That brings us to the end of our blog on the best abaya dresses in the UK. You can get your hands on these and wear them all year long. You can also check out some of the most amazing modern Islamic clothing at SMAMZ and have your favorite type of abaya dress with just a click.

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